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Take The Pledge! I Support the 30 000 Lives To Save Campaign

What has been happening in the Charter?
The European Road Safety Charter is now evolving into its third phase for 2013-2016. As a signatory of the former Charter, we ask you to stay with us and continue your commitment towards road safety!  The renewed ERSCharter features an easier process of making commitments and gives further autonomy to its members to undertake and evaluate their actions. Moreover, it invites you to participate in dialogue and exchange good practices with other members through a new interactive website and revitalised social media presence.

What stays the same is our conviction that road safety is a shared responsibility in which the civil society has a significant role to play. Our new motto says it all: "Together we are road safety!" 

What have we achieved so far?
During the past 8 years, together we have been able to build a community of over 2,300 signatories who have contributed to improving road safety standards and culture. This is thanks to the real commitments and concrete actions, just like yours. 

We continue to rely on your support and effort in working with us in this third phase of the ERSCharter. You will automatically become a new ERSCharter member and your profile will be transferred into the new website. 

What do we still want to achieve together? 
Expand the community by inviting many new members to join us; Create a stronger and more deeply involved community of members; Encourage actions targeted at vulnerable road users, particularly children and youth. 

How will we do this?
Launch a brand new website in February 2014 with more opportunities for dialogue and exchange; Offer you better visibility for your actions and possibility to have them recognised as best practices; Provide an improved set of training exercises, workshops, webinars; Re-design our visual identity; Foster stronger interaction with social media.

The renewed ERSCharter commitment
The new ERSCharter features new commitment types encouraging more specific and youth oriented actions and involvement.
We will offer you tools to prepare and evaluate your commitment and the new website will guide you throughout the whole process.

Whatever commitment you take, it's the actions you are taking that are the core of it. By entering the new ERSCharter website, any European civil society member will get an overview of the diversity of actions that are taken and could be taken daily for road safety.

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