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AngelSounds Fetal Doppler


Code: 920594874

A baby's heart beats at a frequency of 120-160 strokes per minute; it resembles the sound of a galloping horse. Whenever you listen to the heartbeat of your baby, your own heart will leap for joy. 

With AngelSounds you can hear these heartbeats from the 14th week onwards, but you can hear your baby's kicks and even its hiccups, which sound like tiny drumbeats. You can experience all this whenever you want to, in a relaxed atmosphere at home, with AngelSounds.

You can share this experience with your partner, child or friends, since the device has two audio outputs. You also have the option of connecting the second audio output to a recording device, and record the sounds, in order to use them as audio files or send them.


Acoustic output data of AngelSound:

  • Mode of operation: pulsed Doppler
  • Frequency: 3.3 MHz
  • Intended use: fetal heartbeat ascertainment
  • Suitable for fetal heartbeat ascertainment:yes
  • Control setting: none
  • Acoustic intensity of Ispa (mW/cm):< 10
  • Highest negative pressure:< 1 Mpa
  • Output radiation intensity:< 20mW/cm

How to use AngelSounds:

  • Just switch it on and put on your headphones.
  • Then rub a little gel on to your stomach and the ultrasound probe.
  • Now place the probe on your stomach and guide it to the correct position.
  • Move the probe around gently until you receive a good signal.
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