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Alcool Test
Alcool Test

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Diagnostic medical devices for remote assistance with faster times and lower costs. This new healthcare modality has been put in support of surveillance and healthcare emergencies, in the cardiac and vascular, toxicological, thyroid, skeletal muscle, pulmonary, urological, gynecological, obstetric, general medicine, etc. fields, supported by innovative, modern and efficient techniques able to optimize the contact between doctor and patient.
Some of our most representative Devices:

  1. Echotomographs, single/double Portable Probe Eco_Power_Color_Doppler (WiFi_USB)
  2. Tele Holter Alarm H1 for continuous monitoring of Dynamic ECG, Heart Rate, Respiratory HRV
  3. Tele-Stethoscope D2 for auscultation of heart sound and lung sound
  4. Tele Visio Vital A1 for measuring and transmitting data/Vital Signs (heart rate, ECG, body temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygenation, glycemia
  5. HRDR drug meter on smartphone to verify the abuse of narcotic and/or psychotropic substances.
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