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Alcool Test
Alcool Test

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CA2000 Alcohol Tester


Code: 912346830

Highly-selective semiconductor MEMS sensor

CA2000 Alcohol Breath Test is a unique and highly sophisticated alcohol breathalyzer utilizing the variation of  electrical property value of a finely tuned oxide-semiconductor.

This Alcohol Breathalyzer will selectively analyze the alcohol concentration in units of ppm in human breath. 

CA2000 is very accurate and can be used as an aid to prevent drink driving, an on-site alcohol test for employees, an alcohol test for patients, an on-site incident test or a personal test for impairment.

Reliable, small, light weight, and extremely accurate.

  1. Quick and easy to use
  2. Highly accurate reading using a selective advanced semiconductor oxide sensor to give you an accurate measurement of your alcohol level in seconds
  3. Up to 700 tests without recalibration
  4. Long detector life
  5. 9V Alkaline battery & in-car cigarette DC adapter included in a nice hard shell case and soft zipped pouch
  6. Perfect for company screening, drivers and warehouses, as well as personal user
  7. Includes 5 mouthpieces and inexpensive replacements are available
  8. Alarm sounds for high readings

Technical Specifications:

  1. Highly reliable accuracy by a sophisticated sensor as this device adopts a highly-selective semiconductor sensor
  2. Stable testing data: CA2000 allows you to get stable data for successive testing
  3. It displays by 3 digits (0.xx% BAC/BRAC)
  4. Digital Type: Long Term Stability
  5. Compact & light weight hand-held device
  6. Short warm-up & response Time - Only 20 seconds warmup time
  7. Just a few seconds after sample has been given for reading
  8. The sensor can be purged for another test in only 30 seconds
  9. Little waiting between results
  10. Quick Recovery Time
  11. Power Sanitary Testing
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