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Alcool Test
Alcool Test

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AT8600 Alcohol Tester


AT8600 Breath Alcohol Detector is designed specifically for police enforcement as a detection tool, thus reducing the occurrence of major accidents. 

This device uses a large LCD screen and white mouthpieces to ensure health and hygiene of people being tested. 

The user of this instrument is free to set high and low alarm values and other information as well as instrument sound alarm.

Thanks to the variety of icons of its Display, operations are simple, straightforward and easy to use.


Technical Specifications:

  1. Healthy anti-return mouthpieces 
  2. LCD indication 
  3. Real temperature and time indication 
  4. Automatic procedures for sampling
  5. Simple operation and calibration by user 
  6. Password management 
  7. Passive testing available 
  8. Printer and computer communication optional 
  9. Comply with NF and DOT standard  
  10. Sensor: Fuel cell Alcohol sensor 
  11. Power: 2 AA batteries
  12. Rating capacity: 2.1AH
  13. Working Temp: -10C~50C
  14. Storage Temp: -40C~70C
  15. Detection Range: 0.000 - 2.000mg/L 
  16. Accuracy: <0.200 0.025mg/L     0.200~0.400 0.040mg/L    0.400~. 2.000 10% 
  17. Pass level indication: 0.090mg/L 
  18. Fail level indication: 0.250mg/L 
  19. Response Time: T< 30s 
  20. Working Hum Range: < 95%RH (No Dews)
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