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Alcool Test
Alcool Test

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AT8900 Alcohol Tester


AT8900 is an advanced portable Breath Alcohol Tester with an up-to-date design and an easy to use interface.

Its core component adopts a Changeable Electrochemical Sensor module that makes the tester more accurate, highly sensitive, provided of a strong anti-jamming ability as well as easy calibration. The design of its multicolor OLED, its simply keyboard, and touch screen technology make this tester fast and suitable for outdoor use. The anti-return mouthpiece ensures the health and safety of users. 

This product is useful for drunk driving detection or industrial medicine inspections, thus helping avoiding accidents and protecting human life. Its delicate appearance and comfortable handle make this alcohol tester the best choice for breath alcohol testing.

  1. Alcohol tester
  2. DC8.7V 1.2A charger
  3. Car adaptor charger
  4. Communication cable
  5. CD for software upload
  6. Mouthpieces
  7. User manual

Technical Specifications:

  1. Fuel cell sensor: Sensor Module changeable design more convenient for recalibration and module change
  2. Key input: Simplified keyboard with touch panel
  3. Display:2.83 inch OLED screen, applicable for wide range of working temperature
  4. Quick and precise analysis: Ensure a high sensitivity to alcohol and stable & reliable working life
  5. Memories: 20,000 memories stored with full information, like driver information, vehicle No., Police ID, testing result and type, date and time, location, calibration date etc.
  6. Built-in/detachable printer: the printer can be detached to be stand-alone to work separately, also stand-alone thermal, dot-matrix printer optional
  7. GPS: Geography information provided by GPS
  8. Data Upload: PC upload by USB
  9. Password management: password can be changed by users
  10. Indication unit: Multi - unit (mg/L, mg/100ml, g/L, %oBAC, %BAC) optional 
  11. Mouthpiece: disposable anti-return mouthpiece design
  12. Power supply: Rechargeable Li battery, 7.4V/2500mA 
  13. Display range: 0.000-2.000mg/L (0-440mg/100mL,0.000-4.000g/L,0.000-0.400%BAC,0.000-2.000%oBAC) 
  14. Auto flow monitoring: Flow detection automatically
  15. Temperature range: working range -30oC-50oC 
  16. Accuracy: <0.400 +/-0.020 mg/L0.400 - 1.000 +/-5%1.000 - 2.000 +/-20% 
  17. Continuous working time: more than 20hours in normal testing conditions
  18. Standard: comply with CE, NF, OIML126, DOT
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