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Alcool Test
Alcool Test

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ToxCup OT04A

Test for the rapid detection of 8 drugs of abuse

  1. The ToxCup® OT04A Drug Screen Cup is a one-step test for the rapid and simultaneous detection of 8 drugs of abuse and adulterants (THC -COC - OPI - MET - MDMA -ANF - MTD - BUP + NI + CR).
  2. Only one device is needed to collect the sample, to test for drugs and to ship for confirmation.
  3. CLIA-Waived device
  4. Rapid one-step procedure
  5. No sample exposure
  6. Integrates sample collection, testing and shipment for confirmation in a single container
  7. Easy to read visual results
  8. Room temperature storage
  9. Built-in temperature strip

8 Drugs + Adulterants
Test before reaction
Test before reaction
Test after reaction
Test after reaction
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