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Alcool Test
Alcool Test

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On-Site Urine Tests



The ToxCup® Drug Screen Cup is a one-step test for the rapid detection of drugs of abuse and adulterants. Only one device is needed to collect Continue>>



QuickTox® is a multiple drugs of abuse dip card that allows for an easy mix and match of tests. It is capable of testing up to 13 drugs or 11 drugs and 6 adulterants simultaneously. With its flat design and clear cap Continue>>


Intect® 7 - to detect adulterants in a urine sample

Intect® 7 is designed to detect adulterants in a urine sample. By detecting the levels of creatinine, the presence of nitrite, glutaraldehyde, pH, specific gravity, and of oxidants, including bleach and pyridinium chlorochromate Continue>>


Thermoelectric Portable WAECO Cooler

For a better custody of your diagnostics tests it is now available the thermoelectric portable WAECO cooler Continue>>


ToxVue® Reader for ToxCup®

ToxVue® is an optical reader for determining drug screen ToxCup® test results Continue>>

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