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Alcool Test
Alcool Test

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Innovative product to treat solar panels.

The product keeps the surface of the solar panels clean, improving their efficiency. Its active principle changes the surface wetting characteristics: the water falling on the panel surface forms a thin film instead of drops. As a results of this, a self-cleaning effect is obtained since the dirt falling adheres less on the surface and is more easily washed away.
Therefore the performances of the panel are increased, namely of 1% after a month and of 3% after 6 months.

The product does not ruin the panels at all.

How to use:

Nebulize with a compressor and gun or with an electric/manual nebulizer.

The product may be applied on panels already set up and it is not necessary that they are clean.
The necessary quantity is 25-30 m2/liter.



Store in dry places and in hermetically closed containers to keep humidity constant.

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