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Alcool Test
Alcool Test

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AT8800 Alcohol Tester


AT8800 is an advanced portable Breath Alcohol Tester with an up-to-date design and an easy to use interface.

Its core component adopts a new high-tech Electrochemical Sensor module that makes the tester more accurate, highly sensitive, provided of a strong anti-jamming ability. With its design of "mobile phone" keyboard, its operation menu, human-device interface and smart input methods, the operation of AT8800 is more concise and convenient.

Moreover its multicolor LCD makes interface clear and nice. Its inner wireless module includes the wireless printing function, and anti-return mouthpiece ensures the health and safety of users. This product is useful for drunk driving detection or industrial medicine inspections, thus helping avoiding accidents and protecting human life. Its delicate appearance and comfortable handle make this alcohol tester the best choice for breath alcohol testing.

  • AT8800 Alcohol tester
  • Printer
  • Printer Charger
  • 2xAA rechargeable NiMH batteries
  • Charger
  • Operation manual
  • Warranty card
  • Test report
  • Communication CD
  • Communication data cable
  • Several mouthpieces

Technical Specifications:

  1. Electrochemical (fuel cell) sensor, good reliability and accuracy
  2. Colorful LCD indication
  3. "Mobile phone" keyboard for operation
  4. Smart input methods, more concise
  5. Real time and temperature indication
  6. Human-device interface
  7. Two level audible and visible alarm indication
  8. Low battery automatic power off function
  9. Measurement unit and alarming level adjustable function
  10. Testing record review function
  11. Wireless printing function
  12. Connect to PC and upload the result
  13. Records memory, including test time, result and types of result
  14. Password management function
  15. Adopts anti-return mouthpiece for health and safety
  1. Sensor type: Electrochemical (fuel cell) alcohol sensor
  2. Test Range: 0.000-2.000mg/l (0.400%B.A.C; 4.000%oB.A.C; 4.000g/l)
  3. Alarming level: Pass level: 0.090mg/L (can be modified) Fail level:0.250mg/L (can be modified)
  4. Work temperature: -10C-50C 
  5. Work humidity: < 95%RH (No Dews) 
  6. Battery: 2XAA NiMH batteries
  7. Rating capacity: 2.1AH
  8. Dimension lXbXh: 122X67X31mm 
  9. Weight: about 120g (excluding battery) 
  10. Accuracy:< 0.400 +/-0.020 mg/L      0.400 - 1.000 +/-5%      1.000 - 2.000 +/-20%
  11. Certificate: CE, RoHS
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