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Alcool Test
Alcool Test

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SENSOR 8319 - Coin Operated Alcohol Tester With Display

Suitable for bars, restaurants, hotels, discos, public places, etc.
  • Fuel Cell Sensor
  • Sensor Module replaceable
  • Coin operated with display 
  • Used by disposable straw
  • Straw box for 200 pcs straw one time 
  • Other language panel offered
  • Audio and visual alarming method
  • Test result with 4 digits display
  • Bright LED guide the operation on the panel
  • Power by AC adaptor 110/220V
  • Setup 1 kind coin with 1-15 pcs 
  • Press straw dispenser to get 1 straw


  1. Sensor type: Fuel cell alcohol sensor, Module replaceable
  2. Test Range: 0.000-2.000mg/l (0.400%B.A.C; 4.000%oB.A.C; 4.000g/l)
  3. Alarming level: Pass level: 0.090mg/L (can be modified)
  4. Fail level:  0.250mg/L (can be modified)
  5. Accuracy: +/-0.005 at 0.05 BAC%
  6. Working temperature: 0C-50C
  7. Working humidity: <95%RH (No Dews)
  8. Dimension lXbXh: (mm) 250X105X400
  9. Indication manner: mg/l,mg/100ml,g/l ,%BAC,%oBAC optional
  10. Coin for single time: 0-15 (For 0, the tester can be tested without coin)
  11. Coin diameter: 20mm-28mm
  12. Coin thickness: 1.2mm-2.5mm
  13. Coins Capacity: about 200 pieces
  14. Straw capacity: 200pcs(⊄<=7mm)
  15. Breath sampling time: about 5 seconds continuous breath.  
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