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Alcool Test
Alcool Test

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Alcohol Abuse Testing Products

Chemical Breath Alcohol Tests


Alcooltest - Single Use Breath Alcohol Tester Without Chromium

Alcooltest disposable alcohol breath test without chromium dichromate is accredited and used as a screening test during Institutional Services by Police Commands and Health Organizations. It comes with the best certifications and authorizations which attest its conformity and its notable metrological/physical/chemical qualities Continue>>


Electronic Handheld Breath Alcohol Testers


Coin Operated Alcohol Testers With Display


SENSOR 8319 - Coin Operated Alcohol Tester With Display

SENSOR 8319 is suitable for bar or restaurant, hotel, disco, public places, etc. It comes with a replaceable fuel cell sensor and it is a coin operated device with a Display. Used by disposable straw Continue>>

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