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Medical hhp Massage System


Successfully used by Germany's leading physiotherapists, medical practioners and clinics.

The Andullation massage with infrared deep heat generates a stimulation, which expands the blood vessels and results in better blood circulation in the respective tissue. The effect is a very pleasant heat sensation. Different zones of the skin are connected to internal organs through nerve reflexes. Therefore, Andullation does not only stimulate the skin and muscles, but also the interaction of the internal organs. This is a main prerequisite for maintaining your health.

Back pain is among the most predominant endemic diseases, and that is no coincidence. Job-related sitting, standing, bending down and lifting motions, which always follow the same and most often wrong patterns, stress the spine day in and day out.
Careful diagnostic analyses reveal that 89% of all back pain can actually be attributed to such biomechanical stress. This leads to muscle tension, myogelosis and circulatory disorders, which result in even more pain. The increasing tendency is alarming. This idea was the basis for the development of an Andullation Massage System with eleven motors and thermal infrared deep heat, working just like a small massage praxis in your home.
You can also have your own massage therapist at home!


  1. Certified Medical Product
  2. Remote control with LED Display featuring 16 medical programs
  3. Easy handling due to preset medical programs
  4. Therapeutic infrared deep heat
  5. Very high quality standards and long lifespan
  6. Effectiveness proven in studies
  7. For home appliance and professional use
  8. Low maintenance efforts and easy to care for
  9. Saves space and time
  10. Easy to transport
  11. Low power consumption due to 12-Volt operation
  12. Pleasant effect due to Andullation motors and therapeutic infrared deep heat
  13. Foot reflexology with infrared deep heat
  14. Successfully used by Germany's leading physiotherapists, medical practioners and clinics
  15. Made in Germany
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