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DATA PROTECTION POLICY IN ACCORDANCE WITH ART. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree dated 30 June, 2003, no. 196 "Personal Data Protection Code", Privacy Policy

Alcooltest Marketing Italy Srl, as Data Controller for the handling of the data of the website www.alcooltest.org, and owner of this site, hereby undertakes to protect the privacy of the users in accordance with this Law. Please note that the personal details which are requested from you at the time of the online registration request will be handled by our company for the purposes strictly necessary for and related to responding to your enquiries. For these purposes, the provision of the data reported in the boxes marked with an asterisk is necessary for processing of your request. The Data Controller is Alcooltest Marketing Italy Srl with registered offices in Via J.F. Kennedy,8 - 06083 Bastia Umbra - PG - Italy. 

Italian Legislative Decree dated 30 June, 2003, no. 196 PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION CODE Art. 13.
Data Protection Policy 

1. The Data Subject as well as any entity from whom personal data is collected will be preliminarily informed, either orally or in writing, as to: a) the purposes and methods of the processing for which the data is intended; b) the obligatory or voluntary nature of providing the requested data; c) the consequences if (s)he fails to reply; d) the entities or categories of entity to whom the data may be communicated, or who/which may access the data in their capacity as Data Processors or persons in charge of the processing, and the scope of dissemination of this data; e) the rights as per Article 7; f) the identification data concerning the Data Controller and, where designated, the Data Controller's representative in the State's territory pursuant to Article 5 and the Data Processor. If several Data Processors have been designated by the Data Controller, at least one among them will be referred to and either the site on the communications network or the mechanisms for easily accessing the updated list of Data Processors will be specified. If a Data Processor has been designated to provide responses to Data Subjects in case the rights as per Article 7 are exercised, such Data Processor will be referred to. 2. The Data Protection Policy as per clause 1 will also contain the items referred to in specific provisions of this Code and may fail to include certain items if the latter are already known to the entity providing the data or their knowledge may concretely impair supervisory or control activities carried out by public bodies for purposes related to defense or State security, or else for the prevention, suppression or detection of offences. 3. The Watchdog may issue a provision to set out simplified information arrangements as regards, in particular, telephone services providing assistance and information to the public. 4. Whenever the personal data is not collected from the Data Subject, the Data Protection Policy as per clause 1, also including the categories of processed data, will be provided to the Data Subject at the time of recording such data or, if their communication is envisaged, no later than when the data is first communicated. 5. Clause 4 will not apply: a) if the data is processed in compliance with an obligation imposed by law, regulations or Community legislation; b) if the data is processed either for carrying out the investigations by defense counsel as per Italian Law no. 397 of 7 December, 2000 or to establish or defend a legal claim, provided that the data are processed exclusively for these purposes and for no longer than is necessary therefore; c) if the provision of information to the Data Subject involves an effort that is declared by the Watchdog to be manifestly disproportionate compared with the right to be protected, in which case the Watchdog will lay down suitable measures, if any, or if it proves impossible in the opinion of the Watchdog. 

Handling methods. The IT systems and the software procedures used for the functioning of the site acquire, during normal use, certain personal details (navigation data), whose transmission is implicit during the functioning of the Internet communication protocols. The handling of the data will only cover common data: name, surname, email address. Your personal details will be handled on paper and disk using manual and IT instruments and tools and adopting measures which guarantee the security and privacy of this data. Your data will not be disclosed to other parties or in any way disclosed and only Alcooltest Marketing Italy Srl will obtain such data, as Data Processor. The personal details received will be handled, respectively, for administrative and commercial purposes and for sending information and news to all the members who request this. 

Protection of personal information. Alcooltest Marketing Italy Srl unconditionally protects the privacy of the personal information. The various different protection technologies and procedures used aim to protect the personal information against unauthorized access, use or disclosure. The personal details which should be sent spontaneously to this site, by the Site Visitors, by filling out a data form present on the "USER REGISTRATION" page, will be handled in accordance with principles of correctness, legality and transparency, to protect the privacy and rights of those involved. The personal details received will be handled, respectively, for administrative and commercial purposes such as, for example, the sending of information and news to all the members, as well as questionnaires on the accessibility, usability and appreciation of the site. 

Communication of the data. The personal details may be handled by: personnel of the Company as Data Processors and persons in charge of the processing; Alcooltest Marketing Italy Srl, as Data Processor for administrative and commercial purposes, as requested by and on behalf of the Data Controller. 

Registration. To register as a user and access any of the Services, fill out the registration form. Complete the Registration procedure and click on "I accept" to state that you have carefully read and expressly accept all the Service use terms and conditions. This data will be used to comply with the obligations related to the registration, for informational and promotional purposes and for checking the accessibility, usability and appreciation of the site. Access right. You may, at any time, exercise your rights in accordance with art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/03, including the right to obtain the following: confirmation of the existence of personal details relating to you and to be informed about its content and origin; check it is exact or ask for it to be added to or updated or corrected; ask for it to be cancelled, transformed into anonymous form or block data handled as a breach of law; in any case, object, for good reason, to the handling. The request must be sent to Alcooltest Marketing Italy Srl, Data Processor, in paper form to the addresses specified above or by email to alcooltest@alcooltest.org, indicating, in the subject line, that it is a request in accordance with art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/03. 

By providing my details in the registration form, I state I have read the Privacy Information and allow handling of my details for the purposes specified therein.

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