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Alcool Test
Alcool Test

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Social Responsibility is Our Guiding Philosophy

Our commitment, summarized in our mission, is characterized by both the dissemination of our highly-innovative products & services and the attention paid to people and environment.

The attention that Alcooltest Marketing Italy reserves to culture, solidarity, prevention and security as well as to environment protection is authentic. The idea that lays at the base of our commitment in cultural and social grounds resides in the conviction that an experience in art, sport or social grounds encourages the improvement of quality methods and good practices also in the working field: creativity, intellectual curiosity, openness to new experiences and capacity to interface with others effectively.

The interaction of a company with its environment is very important. Every
day Alcooltest Marketing Italy makes every effort to do this by going well
beyond the goal of producing company benefits only. Far from this logic, we are
convinced that is crucial that a company's commitment will be a vital benefit for
the collectivity, through world rigorous strategies and programs for sustainable
development, security and prevention.

Alcooltest Marketing Italy lives its Corporate Social Responsibility
as a choice of coherence and as an inspiring principle of all the daily
company's life decisions regarding both the company and external subjects.


Alcooltest Marketing Italy's Social Commitment

Shaping the Future: in collaboration with Institutions, Universities and Associations Alcooltest Marketing Italy promotes innovative projects in the field of prevention and security.

The respect for people and environment is one of the most important values of Alcooltest. The coherence between the declarations of good will and sincere search for solutions are our distinctive element. In the last years we developed and sustained many projects promoting concrete moments of prevention, sustainability, training and education.

We firmly believe that education is the only means of filling the gap, and that Security&Prevention technologies in particular can yield significant positive social impacts.

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