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Alcooltest Marketing Italy has put in place a Code of Ethics regulated by a three-fold voluntary certification system.

This is a rigorous choice of responsibility which represents a growth opportunity for the Company's culture and is evidence of the constant commitment to improving the management of the activities of the Society, while fully respecting the expectations of all stakeholders.

Our corporate culture - cosmopolitan, respectful of environment, societies and areas in which we operate - constitutes an important heritage for the achievement of our corporate objectives as well as for an effective approach to the challenge of a sustainable development policy, to which, first as citizens, then as company from the land of Saint Francis of Assisi's principles, we are deeply committed.

However, nowadays, be sustainable not only means be responsible towards environment but also caring for employees and co-workers, in particular in relation to their vocational training; by ensuring employees' health and welfare, promoting their individual value and enhancing their well-being.

Our guiding principles and values are always inspired by sustainability policies: in protecting human rights, work, people life's quality, in safeguarding the environment and paying attention towards our stakeholders thus adopting a preventive approach for environment safeguard and for contrasting corruption and illicit behaviors.

The awareness of the social and environmental impacts of the Company's activities, together with the importance of both a transparent and cooperative approach with its stakeholders and a good reputation led us to adopt a Code of Ethics.

Alcooltest Marketing Italy respects the environment for future generations
We invest in innovative research and support the best technologies in the field of scientific research in order to safeguard our planet, assure competitiveness and development in protecting the environment and guarantee our customers safe and eco-compatible products.

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