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Alcool Test
Alcool Test

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Adulteration Tests

Urine Adulteration Tests - High Quality Devices

When a drug test has been administered, the biggest concern is whether or not the urine sample has been adulterated. Drug screens determine the presence of drugs in the donor's urine but not the integrity of the urine sample. With commercial adulterants easily accessible, over 8% of all negative drug tests are false negatives. However, the actual number is unknown because routine laboratory tests do not pick up all possible adulteration products. It is also known that the newest generation of adulterants is able to disintegrate and become undetectable after its effects on the positive sample.

To identify urine adulteration, sample validity tests such as Intect®7ToxCup®, Monitect®, Quicktox®  are designed with built-in adulterant pads to confirm the integrity of the urine sample. Adulterants that can be detected include: Creatinine, Nitrite, pH and Oxidants. 

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