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Alcool Test
Alcool Test

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We constantly search for solutions that guarantee the satisfaction of our customers' needs and reference standards.

Drug and alcohol abuse is a problem that, today more than ever, affects our societies all around the world. Behavioral alterations influence the ability to work and our relations. Aware of the uncountable implications and negative impacts that this phenomenon thrives, our mission is to provide people as well as Institutions with adequate devices able to alleviate and control in the best manner the phenomenon with the objective of drastically reducing impacts and valuations.

A correct prevention activity avails itself of tools which would guarantee its maximum efficacy at a qualitative level. Because working constantly with renewed optimism in research, innovation and information, we invest in the future of the next generations and in their potentialities, in environmental sustainability and in the participation of the individual in prevention activities though communication, shared experiences and education.

Our values:

  • Special Attention for Social Issues
  • Attention for environment protection and sustainability
  • International Certifications
  • Quality
  • Prevention and Information Activities
  • Research
  • Road Safety 
  • European Road Safety Charter
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